• HEAD LICE (Pediculosis)

    Satsuma City Schools have a "nit-free" policy, which means lice and nits must be removed before the student re-enters the classroom. Students should return to the classroom as soon as possible once cleared of lice and nits.  A maximum of three days are excused for each occurrence of head lice. 

    The following interventions are important to help control the spread of head lice in the school community:

    • Examine your child’s head regularly, especially behind his/her ears and at the nape of his/her neck for crawling lice and/or nits (eggs).
    • Crawling lice and/or nits found within ¼ inch from the scalp are signs of a positive head lice infestation, which requires treatment with an over-the-counter or prescription lice-killing product. 
    • Children with live bugs will not be allowed in school until their heads have been treated and the nits removed to prevent re-infestation.
    • Please contact your child’s school nurse if you have had to treat your child for head lice. The nurse is available to serve as a resource and will need to check your child’s head to ensure there are no remaining live lice or nits prior to your child returning to his/her classroom.