• English 11 syllabus

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  • AP Language and Composition syllabus

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  • Supply List for English 11 and AP Language and Composition:

    • Binder
    • College-ruled paper
    • Dividers
    • Note cards 
    • Highlighters
    • Black or blue pens
    • Colored pens (for editing)
    • Sticky notes
    • Sticky flags (for novels)
    • Pencil (for standardized tests ONLY)
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  • Summer Reading Selections for English 11 and AP Language and Composition:

    English 11 Summer Assignment 2022

    Log in to our PrepFactory English 11 class and work on ACT prep skills. You may work in any area, but you MUST obtain a minimum XP 7000. Visit the website below to access our class: 


    AP Language and Composition Summer Reading 2022

    Assignment #1 

    How to Argue with a Cat: A Human’s Guide to the Art of Persuasion 

    by Jay Heinrichs

    Read How to Argue with a Cat by Jay Heinrichs. As you read the text, annotate on note cards (one card [front only] per concept, preferably). Consider the annotation guide below to help you create your note cards, which should be the main concepts/ideas/terms/examples from each chapter. 

    Format your note cards similarly to the following two example cards from the introduction:


    Cats and people are not very different when it comes to arguing:

    • Both behave illogically
    • Both talk nonsense
      • Cats purr, meow, etc., so they do actually talk
    • A few tricks will allow you to get along with both cats and humans better




    Rhetoric - the art of persuading others 

    • Invented by the ancient Greeks over 3,000 years ago
    • Aristotle realized that logic alone is not persuasive enough
    • Other factors can be more persuasive than logic:
      • Our emotions
      • Our identities
      • Our friends

    Learning the tricks of persuasion can help you recognize the tricks that politicians, advertisers, and even cats use to manipulate you to do things that they want you to do.


    We will use these cards regularly during the first quarter while we learn the elements of argument and rhetorical analysis. The completed set of cards will be due during the first week of school.

    Assignment #2: 

    The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet 

    by John Green

    For your second assignment, read The Anthropocene Reviewed. Be prepared for an assessment on the book during the first week of school.


    AP students are NOT required to complete the PrepFactory assignment, but they may if they wish. Students may work in PrepFactory to strengthen their English, reading, math, and science skills for the ACT. Visit the link at the top of this page to access the class.

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